EVREUX (Hebrew, or ):

Capital of the department of Eure, France. In the Middle Ages it was one of the centers of Jewish learning, and its scholars are quoted in the Tosafot on Beẓah 14b, 20b, 24b; on Ḳiddushin 27b, 39a et passim; on Soṭah 22a et passim; and in the Kol Bo, Nos. 24, 114. The following rabbis are known to have lived at Evreux: Samuel ben Shneor (Zunz, "Z. G." p. 38, designates him erroneously "Samuel, son of R. Yom-Ṭob"), called the "Prince of Evreux" ("R. E. J." vi. 168); one of the most celebrated tosafists; Moses of Evreux, brother of Samuel; author of the "Tosafot of Evreux"; his name is often abbreviated to ; Isaac of Evreux, often abbreviated to ; Judah ben Shneor, or Judah the Elder, author of liturgic poems; Meïr ben Shneor; Samuel ben Judah; Nathan ben Jacob, father of Jacob ben Nathan, who in 1357 copied the five Megillot with the Targum for Moses ben Samuel.

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