English clergyman; born near Bamberg, Bavaria, 1802; died in Norwood, London, Aug. 9, 1874; baptized at Basel when about 23 years of age; entered (1829) the service of the London Society for Propagating the Gospel Among the Jews, by which he was sent (1831) to Tunis. He labored assiduously among the Jews in North Africa till 1842, when he accompanied as chaplain Bishop Alexander to Jerusalem. Here he remained till 1849, when ill health compelled him to return to London. He was largely instrumental in founding the Wanderers' Home in London (1853), an asylum for doubting Jews and needy proselytes. In addition to reports on his missionary labors in North Africa and Jerusalem, he published a German translation of 'Abodah Zarah (1856).

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J. N. D.
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