Author and journalist; born in Hungary in 1861. In 1881 he went to England, and subsequently joined the staff of the society journal "Life" (then owned by his brother), of which he himself is now (1903) proprietor and editor. Felberman is a knight of the Austrian Imperial Order of Franz Josef, and a fellow of the Hungarian Geographical Society, etc. He is also chairman of the Franz Josef Shelter Fund of London, and the founder of the Society for the Encouragement of Home Industries. He was a member of the Royal Hungarian Commission for the Paris Exposition, 1900. His publications include: "Hungary and Its People"; "The Puszta"; "Ancestors of Our Future Queen" (a family history of the Duke of Teck); and "Gipsy Czinka's Prophecy." Felberman has translated several of Jokai's romances.

  • Jacobs, Jewish Year Book, 1899-1900.
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