Russian author; born in Jitomir 1859; died in St. Petersburg 1895. He entered the University of St. Petersburg, where he took a course in law, but his inclinations not being toward the legal profession, he willingly accepted a position as instructor in the Jewish school of St. Petersburg, where he taught successfully until poor health compelled him to resign. His first literary labors date back from shortly after 1880, when he published several letters in the "Russki Yevrei." Ferber soon gained recognition by his sketches of Russian-Jewish life—"Iz Khroniki Myestechka Cherashni" (in "Voskhod," 1890, xi., xii.), and "Okolo Lyubvi" (ib. 1892, viii.)—and also by numerous critical essays and feuilletons in various numbers of the same periodical for 1892 and 1893.

During a residence in Odessa in 1892-94 he took part in the work of the historico-ethnographical commission of the Society for the Promotion of Culture Among the Jews of Russia; and there he wrote his "Sketches of the History of the Jews in England," and "Materials for a History of the Jewish Community of London" (in "Voskhod," 1894).

  • Khronika Voskhoda, 1895, No. 18.
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