Austrian lawyer and author; born at Vienna Aug. 26, 1845; educated at the gymnasium and university of that city. He was appointed (1868) judge at the Landesgericht, which office he resigned in 1870. Since 1875 he has practised law in Vienna. He was elected secretary of the Museum für Oesterreichische Volkskunde in 1894.

Fessler has voyaged to the polar seas, Africa, Palestine, Greece, and Italy, and has published accounts of his experiences in various Austrian and German dailies and magazines. He is the author of "Abarbanel" and "Die Letzten Tage von Carthag" (dramas); "Juvenes dum Sumus" (humorous novel); "Humoresken aus dem Ghetto von Nikolsburg"; and "Ghetto Leute."

S. F. T. H.
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