Hungarian oculist; born in Szobotiszt, Hungary, Aug. 18, 1844. He studied at the University of Vienna (M.D., 1872). Assistant at the eye clinic of the Klausenburg University in 1873, he became privat-docent at the same institution in 1874. In 1875 he went as privatdocent to Vienna, where he stayed till 1882; in that year he was sent by the government as specialist to Theresienstadt, where a severe epidemic of trachoma was raging. In 1886 he was appointed sanitary inspector at Budapest; in 1891 privat-docent at the university there; and in 1895 assistant professor.

Feuer has written several important essays in the ophthalmic journals, among which may be mentioned "Das Trachom in der Oesterreichisch-Ungarischen Armee," in "Klinische Zeit-und Streitfragen," 1890, and "Meine Gegenwärtige Trachom Behandlung," in "Centralblatt für Praktische Augenheilkunde," 1899. He is also the author of "Die Trachom-Endemie im Torontaler Comitat," in "Szemészet," 1884, and "Die Verbreitung des Trachom in Ungarn," Stuttgart, 1897.

Riot Instigated by Vincent Fettmilch at Frankfort-on-the-Main, Aug. 22, 1614.(From H. M. Gottfried,"Chronica," 1642.)
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