German miniature-painter; born at Cassel Feb. 20, 1796 (according to the catalogue of the Dresden Gallery, 1793); died at Dresden June 22, 1847 (not Aug. 24, 1845, as Hoffmeister says); son of the merchant David Alexander Fiorino of Göttingen; studied under a porcelain-painter and at the academy of Cassel, winning a medal in 1816. Fiorino went to Dresden in 1824, where he was appointed court painter and received the title of "professor." The following are among his works: the medallion of Prince Maximilian of Saxony, in the Dresden Gallery; two miniatures in the Kunstgewerbe Museum of that city; the medallion of King Albert of Saxony, which he later reproduced as a lithograph; the medallion of Prince Ernest of Saxony and the portrait of the elector Wilhelm II. in the Bose Museum at Cassel. The portrait of Fiorino's father, and pastels of Fiorino's brother, the mechanician and optician Abraham David Alexander Fiorino, and his wife, in bridal costume, are also at Cassel.

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  • Buch der Dresdner Beerdigungsbrüderschaft, and notes by Fiorino's nephew, Alexander Fiorino.
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