Russian Talmudist and cabalist; lived at Strizhov (Strizhovka) in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He was the author of many cabalistic and homiletic works, among them being: "'Olam Eḥad," homilies on the unity of God, Zolkiev; "'Olam Hafuk," explanation of contrasts, Zolkiev; "'Olam Barur," cabalistic homilies, Lemberg; "'Olam ha-Gadol," also called "Midrash li-Ferushim," seventy cabalistic homilies on Gen. xxxiii. 18 (thirty on the spheres and lights, and forty on the Jewish holidays), Zolkiev, 1800. Fürst ("Bibl. Jud." i. 281) and Benjacob ("Oẓar ha-Sefarim," p. 539) ascribe to Eliezer ben Isaac Fischel a work called "Parashat Eliezer," a commentary to "Ḳarnayim," the cabalistic work of Aaron b. Abraham, and to its commentary, the "Dan Yadin" of Samson of Ostropoli, Jitomir, 1805.

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