Austrian author; died in 1873. His home was in Lemberg. He wrote: "Eshkol 'Anabim," a collection of Hebrew poems (Lemberg, 1827); "Ha-Ro'eh u-Mebaḳḳer Sifre Zemannenu," a criticism of the philological and archeological works of S. L. Rapoport, S. D. Luzzatto, and S. J. Reggio (Lemberg and Ofen, 1837-39); "Mappalat Sisera: Der Sturz Sisera's, oder die Befreiung Israels Durch Barak und Deborah," a two-act Biblical drama (Lemberg, 1841); "Safah le-Ne'emanim," a comprehensive commentary on Job (ib. 1854); "Ha-'Eṭ weha-Meshorer," poem (ib. 1870); "Ḳesher Shebnah," a five-act Biblical drama (ib. 1870).

  • Zeitlin, Bibl. Post-Mendels. pp. 86-87.
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