Italian critic, journalist, and dramatist; born at Triest Oct. 5, 1828; died at Milan 1895. He was baptized while a child, andeducated at Padua. In his early youth he wrote poems and a story entitled "Luigia." In 1848 he was exiled to Triest for having written the drama "La Duchessa di Praslin." He subsequently went to Venice, and then to Milan, where he founded the papers "II Vero Operaio" and "II Pungolo"; the latter, however, was suppressed. In 1859, again exiled to Triest, he went to Switzerland, and later to Turin. In 1866 he founded "II Corriere della Venezia"; in 1870, "La Nuova Roma." His dramas include: "Camoens," "Cuore ed Arte," "Industria e Speculazione."

  • De Gubernatis, Dizionario Biografico.
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