FOUNTAIN (Hebr. ):

A natural spring of water. Although Palestine as a whole is scantily supplied with water, it has a number of fountains. These often spring up in the hollows of cliffs; but sometimes wells have been dug. The Old Testament makes no sharp distinction between artificial wells and springs. Among the best-known fountains are the sources of the Jordan near Banias and Tell al-Ḳaḍi (Dan), the sources of the Gihon (St. Mary's Well) near Jerusalem, the Harod (Goliath) fountains in the valley leading from the plain of Jezreel to Scythopolis, and those near Nazareth. Numerous villages and towns have been named after the fountains which gave rise to the settlements, e.g., En-dor, En-gannim, En-gedi, Enshemesh, En-rimmon, and En-hazor.

E. G. H. F. Bu.
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