German rabbi; born Sept. 27, 1830, at Cracow; died Aug. 21, 1884, at Ostrowo, He received his education from his father and in various Talmudical schools of Hungary. After a short stay in Leipsic (1850) he went to Breslau; from 1856 to 1860 he studied philosophy and Oriental languages. He graduated (Ph. D., Jena) in 1860, and was called in the same year to the rabbinate of Filehne, Posen. On Sept. 7, 1871, he was made rabbi of Ostrowo, which office he occupied until his death. He declined the position of rector of the rabbinical seminary of Breslau after Zachariah Frankel's death. The great esteem in which he was held by his fellow citizens is shown by the naming, in 1900, of a street "Freimannstrasse." His edition of the midrashic work "We-Hizhir" (1st part, Leipsic, 1873; 2d part, Warsaw, 1890), to which he added some valuable notes, is indisputable evidence of his learning. The responsa ("Binyan Ẓiyyon") of his father-in-law Jacob Ettlinger contain many of his essays.

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