Russian physician; born at Rypin, government of Plotzk, June 29, 1857. At the age of twelve he had received only a religious education. One of his teachers, however, Ḳalman Pivover, who from a simple "melammed" became later a distinguished physician, had inspired him with a desire for secular knowledge. Frenkel graduated from the gymnasium of Plotzk, and then studied medicine at the University of Warsaw. Graduating in 1885 as an M.D., he settled in Warsaw. He was greatly attracted by Hebrew studies, and began contributing to Jewish papers while still attending the gymnasium. Afterward, at the university, he contributed to Hebrew scientific papers articles on recent discoveries in medicine and biology. Later Frenkel became a regular contributor to "Ha-Ẓefirah," and published a Hebrew work on nervous and venereal diseases entitled "Shomer ha-Beri'ut," Warsaw, 1889.

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H. R. I. Br.
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