Bohemian Talmudist; born at Tuschkau Dec., 1794; died at Prague June 18, 1881. After studying under Eleazar of Triesch and Baruch Fränkel of Leipnik he went to the yeshibah at Prague, where he studied under Bezalel Ronsperg (Rosenbaum). A few years later Freund became rabbi of Lobositz. In 1832 he was called to Prague, where he was appointed assistant dayyan to Samuel Landau, son of Ezekiel Landau. When Landau died (1834) Freund acted alone as chief dayyan until two colleagues were appointed to share his labors. He officiated up to 1879, when he resigned. Freund wrote: "Zera' Ḳodesh," a commentary on the treatises Berakot, Peah, and Demai (Prague, 1827); "Musar Ab," a commentary to Proverbs (Vienna, 1839); "Ḳeren Shemu'el," a responsum regarding the eating of leguminous plants on Passover (Prague, 1841); "'Et le-Ḥenenah," a treatise on the Mishnah division Mo'ed and its commentaries (ib. 1850); "Hesped," a funeral oration on the death of Joseph Lieben (ib. 1857); "'Ir ha-Ẓedeḳ," a compendium of the "Sefer Miẓwot ha-Gadol" (SeMaG), with notes and glosses of his own (ib. 1863); "Amarot Ṭohorot," glosses and corrections to the commentaries on the Mishnah division Ṭohorot (ib. 1867); "Ketem Paz," a commentary to Abot (ib. 1870).

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