Town in Navarre, in the district of Olite; received a fuero (charter) in 1120, containing several clauses in restraint of the Jews there. In case of a bill amounting to more than five solidos, the Jew had to take an oath on a coffin "sobre hum feretro." A Christian might recover a pledge only on taking an oath. A note or deed of a Jew in favor of a Christian had to be drawn up by a Jewish notary, and that of a Christian in favor of a Jew, by a Christian notary. The murder of a Jew or a Moor was punished by a fine of 500 solidos; the wounding of the same by 60 solidos. In 1171 the Jews of Funes were granted the same rights as those of Tudela, and were permitted to settle within the fortifications. During the persecution of 1328 many were killed and plundered. See Navarre.

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