German physician; born at Leipsic, May 27, 1840; son of the Orientalist Julius Fürst. Livius Fürst studied at the universities of Jena and Leipsic, graduating as doctor of medicine in 1864. After a postgraduate course at the universities of Prague and Vienna he returned to Leipsic, where he established himself as a physician, making a specialty of pediatrics. From 1865 to 1886 he was director of the children's dispensary of the university of that city. He took part in the wars of 1866 and 1870-71, during the first as department surgeon in a hospital in his native town, and during the latter as field-surgeon. In 1871 he became privat-docent in the University of Leipsic, lecturing on gynecology, pediatrics, and vaccination. He received the title of "Sanitätsrat" in 1877. After a prolonged tour of study through Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Italy he founded (1878) in Leipsic a laboratory for animal lymph. Resigning his position at the university in 1889, he moved some years later to Berlin, where he is still (1903) practising.

Fürst is a prolific writer on pediatrics, gynecology, vaccination, and hygiene, and has published numerous essays in the medical journals. Among them may be mentioned: "Die Maass- und Neigungsverhältnisse des Männlichen und Weiblichen Beckens," Leipsic, 1875; "Die Häusliche Krankenpflege mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung des Kindes," ib. 1892; "Die Künstliche Ernährung des Kindes im Ersten Lebensjahre," 2d ed., Berlin, 1895; "Das Kind und Seine Pflege im Gesunden und Kranken Zustande," 5th ed., Leipsic, 1897; "Die Pathologie der Schutzpockenimpfung," Berlin, 1896; "Taschenbuch der Harnanalyse," Basel and Leipsic, 1897; "Vademecum der Weiblichen Gesundheitspflege," Würzburg, 1898; "Lexikon der Kinderkrankheiten und der Kindererziehung" (the latter part by Hans Suck), Berlin, 1900. In 1879 he published in Leipsic a book of fairy-tales, entitled "Märchendichtungen."

His two daughters, Else Fürst (born at Leipsic June 25, 1873) and Helene Fürst (born at Leipsic Nov. 25, 1877), have become prominent in artistic circles, the former as a sculptress and the latter as a violinist.

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