Marginal rendering in the Revised Version of the Hebrew "ḳereẓ" (Jer. xlvi. 20), where "destruction" is given in the texts of both English versions. For arguments in favor of the former rendering, now generally adopted, see the various Hebrew lexicons and Bible commentaries, and Field, "Origenis Hexaplorum quæ Supersunt sive Veterum Interpretum Græcorum in Totum Vetus Testamentum. Fragmenta." The Septuagint has ἀπόσπασμα; the Vulgate "stimulator." Some, comparing Micah ii. 13, have suggested "poreẓ" (invader) instead of "ḳereẓ" (Cheyne and Black, "Encyc. Bib." ii. 1588), but there seems to be no sufficient reason for a textual emendation.

E. G. H. H. H.
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