French Christian rabbinical scholar; born at Mannes, Provence, 1601; died at Sigonce 1681. He devoted himself to the study of mysticism, especially of Hebrew cabalistic works, though his own in that field are unreliable. He wrote "Yom Yhwh: Dies Domini, sive de Fine Mundi ex Hebr. Eliha ben David in Lat. Conversa" (1629); and "Index Codicum Cabbalisticorum MSS., Quibus Joann. Pic. Mirandulanus Comes Usus Est" (1651). During one of his numerous journeys he met at Venice (1633) Leon Modena, whose "Historia Dei Riti Ebraici," etc., he published at Paris (1637), without the consent of the author, and for which he wrote a preface.

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