Greek scholar and translator; lived at Candia in the fifteenth century. His best known work is "Toledot Adam" (Constantinople, 1515), a treatise on chiromancy and physiognomy, drawn chiefly from 'Ali ibn 'Abbas' "Kamil al-Ṣina'ah" and the pseudo-Aristotelian "Secretum." Galina's work was abridged and published later with a Judæo-German translation as "Ḥokmat ha-Yad. The author's name is erroneously given as Elijah ben Moses Galina. Still, Joseph ibn Kaspi, in his "Ṭirat Kesef," quotes a work entitled "Dibre Ḥakamim," a treatise on the properties of stones, as by "Elijah ben Moses Galina." Moses Galina translated from Arabic into Hebrew: (1) An astronomical treatise by Omar ibn Mohammed Meṣuman, "Sefer Mezuḳḳaḳ"; (2) an astrological treatise, "Mishpaṭ ha-Mabbaṭim"; (3) "Sefer ha-Goralot," a treatise on geomancy, bearingthe author's name as Moses Galiano, identified by Steinschneider with Moses Galina.

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