One of the five principal cities of the Philistines (Josh. xiii. 3; I Sam. vi. 17). The name occurs in the El-Amarna tablets as "Gimta," "Gimti," "Ginti"; in the Egyptian inscriptions as "Kutu." Goliath came from this city (I Sam. xvii.). David took refuge with King Achish of Gath (I Sam, xxi. 10, xxvii. 2). According to II Chron. xi. 8, Rehoboam fortified the city, which, however, must have fallen into the hands of the Philistines again, for Uzziah conquered it (II Chron. xxvi. 6). Previous to that Gath was taken by the Syrian king Hazael (II Kings xii. 18). According to an Assyrian inscription, Sargon took Gath among other Philistine cities (comp. Amos vi. 2; Micah i. 14).

E. G. H. F. Bu.
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