Babylonian scholar of the fifth century; contemporary of Ashi, the projector of the Babylonian Gemara compilation. Huna b. Nathan once reported to Ashi a homiletic interpretation by Gebiha (Giṭ. 7a; Yalḳ. to Josh. xv. 22, § 17). In "Seder Tanna'im we-Amora'im" (ed. Taussig, in "Neweh Shalom," p. 5; Maḥzor Vitry, p. 483, Berlin, 1893) he is erroneously reckoned among the Saboraim, though he flourished about a century before them (see Brüll's "Jahrb." ii. 25). As to "Argizah," see Jastrow, "Dict." p. 115a; Kohut, "Aruch Completum," i. 271a; Neubauer, "G. T." p. 388; Rapoport, "'Erek Millin," p. 192.

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