Rabbi and Talmudist of the seventeenth century; came originally from Jerusalem, traveled in Italy, and lived in Leghorn; he was also rabbi in Verona. He corresponded with Samuel Aboab and Moses Zacuto, and was highly esteemed by them as a Talmudist. He wrote a commentary on the Yalḳuṭ. entitled "Berit Abraham," which was printed at Leghorn together with the Yalḳuṭ (part i. in 1650, part ii. in 1660; the part on the Pentateuch was reprinted in 1713). In addition to careful explanations, his work contains much matter from manuscripts of old midrashim which is not found in the Yalḳuṭ. Gediliah has also done an important service in preserving the correct text of the Yalḳuṭ.

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