Seat of a Philistine prince (Gen. x. 19, xx. 1 et seq., xxvi. 20; I Chron. iv. 39 [LXX.]; II Chron. xiv. 12 et seq.). Following the statementin Gen. xx. 1 ("between Kadesh and Shur"), Trumbull ("Kadesh Barnea," pp. 255, 631) tries to find it in the Wadi Jarur, southwest of Kadesh. But the statements in Gen. xxi. 21, xxvi. 22 et seq. do not agree with this; neither do they suggest that Gerar may have been a city. Since Eusebius mentions a city "Gerara" south of Eleutheropolis, and since there is an Umm Jarar south of Gaza, Gerar is doubtless to be sought there, and it may be concluded with Gunkel that there is a gap in the account in Gen. xx. 1.

E. G. H. F. Bu.
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