Russian lawyer and author; born at Minsk 1866; graduated from the law department of the University of St. Petersburg 1890. Since 1898 he has held the position of secretary to the Society for the Promotion of Education Among the Jews of Russia. From 1896 to 1900 he was in charge of the "Literary Review" of the "Voskhod." His own reviews appeared under the pseudonym "Ha-Ḳore." Among other essays, he published in the "Voskhod" sketches on "P. Smolenskin" (1897, ii.), correspondence of. L. Gordon (1896, iv.), "A. Mapu" (1892, viii.), the "Te'udah be-Yisrael" of I. B. Levinsohn (1898, iv.-v.), and "Morris Rosenfeld" (1899, iv.); and in "Yevreiski Yezhegodnik" (1902, ii.), "Michael Lebensohn." Together with P. Marek, he published, under the title "Yevreiskiya Narodnyya Pyesni" (St. Petersburg, 1901), a volume of Judæo-German folk-songs which had been collected by his correspondents in various parts of the Pale of Settlement in Russia.

H. R. J. G. L.
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