Anti-Semitic writer; born in Königsberg, Prussia, Jan. 16, 1834; died in Berlin March 2, 1892. As a journalist and political writer Glagau had already made quite a reputation when he began, in the "Gartenlaube" of 1873, a series of articles on fraudulent stock-jobbing which were so full of invective that the editor discontinued them. Glagau had lost heavily in unfortunate speculations, and was very bitter against the stock exchange. In this spirit he wrote "Der Börsen- und Gründungsschwindel in Berlin" and "Der Börsen- und Gründungsschwindel in Deutschland" (Leipsic, 1877), in which he made some exposures of dishonest business methods, but in general caricatured rather than described the German business world. He naturally became involved in numerous libel suits. In this book he attacked the Jews vehemently as the perpetrators of all questionable financial transactions. It may be said that this book inaugurated the anti-Semitic movement (see Anti-semitism).

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