Russian pianist and composer; born at Wilna Feb. 13, 1870. At a very early age he showed remarkable talent for music, and when nine years old was taken upon the road as a child wonder, traveling in Russia and Germany. In 1882 he entered the Hochschule für Musik at Berlin, where he remained for two years, at the end of that time going to the United States to tour the country, and the following year to Paris, where he studied music until 1890. In 1887 he appeared in England with much success, being heard even at Marlborough House. He then traveled through Europe, and went again to the United States in 1891. Since then he has played on both sides of the Atlantic. He has been connected with the Thomas orchestra, the New York Philharmonic orchestra, the Kneisel quartet, and other well-known orchestras. He has composed over one hundred pieces.

  • Maurice Aronson, in The Reform Advocate, Chicago, Feb. 24, 1900.
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