Austrian Hebraist; born at Bolechow, Galicia, 1807; died at Tarnopol Jan. 11, 1846. He was the founder and editor of the Hebrew periodical "Kerem Ḥemed" (vols. i. and ii., Vienna, 1833 and 1836; vols. iii.-vii., Prague, 1838-43), the appearance of which marked a new epoch in Hebrew literature, in that it supplied reading-matter of a thoroughly scientific character. Among its contributors were Rapoport, Krochmal, Zunz, Slonimsky, Pineles, S. D. Luzzatto, Reggio, Abraham Geiger, Isaac Erter, Samuel Byk, Tobias Feder, Joseph Perl, and Aaron Chorin. The pure, classic Hebrew employed by these scholars put an end to the conceits and circumlocutions of the older Hebraists; and the spirit of criticism and historical investigation manifested in all their articles dealt a blow in Galicia to Ḥasidism, which had formerly counted among its followers many of the contributors to the "Kerem Ḥemed."

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S. A. R.
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