Austrian deputy; born at Warsaw Feb. 20, 1842; died at Lemberg March 23, 1901. His father, Isaac Goldman, was the owner of a Hebrew printing establishment. Bernard attended the rabbinical school in Warsaw under the direction of the censor Tugendhold. At the out-break of the Polish revolution in 1863 he was arrested in a synagogue and sentenced to banishment in Siberia. He managed to escape, however, and, after a brief stay in Paris, settled in Lemberg (1870). In 1876 Goldman was elected to the Galician Landtag as deputy for Lemberg, and thereafter took an active interest in the welfare of the Galician Jews. In the council of the Jewish community, of which he was a member, he especially promoted the education of his coreligionists. In the year 1894 he was decorated by the emperor with the ribbon of the Order of Francis Joseph.

S. J. C.
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