German physician; born at Burghersdorp, Cape Colony, Nov. 12, 1862; studied medicine at the universities of Breslau, Freiburg, and London, graduating (M.D.) in 1888. After having been for half a year assistant at Weigert's pathological-anatomical institute at Frankfort-on-the-Main, he became assistant at the university surgical hospital in Freiburg, which position he held until 1898. He was admitted to the medical faculty of the university as privat-docent in 1891, was appointed assistant professor in 1895, and became chief physician at the hospital of the evangelical sisters at Freiburg in 1898.

Goldmann has contributed several essays to professional journals: "Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie," "Centralblatt für Pathologie," "Beiträge zur Klinischen Chirurgie," etc. He published, with Middeldorp, "Croup und Diphterie."

S. F. T. H.
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