German novelist and playwright; born at Frankfort-on-the-Main July 18, 1860. He attendedthe local gymnasium, and studied law at the universities of Heidelberg, Leipsic, and Marburg. He was first referendar and then (in 1888) became "Gerichtsassessor" in his native city. Soon thereafter he embraced a literary career. He published, among other works, a social novel, "Ein Weg zum Frieden" (1890), and in the following years he wrote the plays "Fortuna," "Der Freie Wille," "Goldene Lüge," "Hans der Träumer," "Ewige Liebe," "Ein Glückliches Paar," and "Frau Lili," all of which have been produced on German and foreign stages, including the court theaters of Berlin, Vienna, Munich, the Berliner Deutsches Theater, etc.

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