Little-Russian cleric and anti-Jewish writer; died 1688. After having studied in the Kiev-Mogilian College, Golyatovski took holy orders, and was later appointed rector of the Little-Russian schools. He declared himself the enemy of the Roman Catholics, Jews, and Moslems, but showed the greatest animosity toward the Jews, knowing that this would increase his popularity among the populace of Little Russia. Golyatovski soon found in the appearance of Shabbethai Ẓebi a good opportunity for venting his ill-will. Taking the latter's assumptions as a pretext, he wrote, in the form of a dialogue between a Jew and a Christian, a violent polemic against the Jews under the title "Messia Pravdivi." He says in the preface that the reason which induced him to write the work was that the dishonesty, of the Jews in Little Russia, Lithuania, and Poland "raised its horns too high." He describes the Shabbethaian movement from a strongly anti-Jewish point of view. The work was written in Little-Russian, then translated into Latin, and afterward into Russian by I. Nitzkevich (Kiev, 1887).

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