German jurist; born at Königsberg, East Prussia, April 18, 1830. He studied history, later law, at the universities of Königsberg, Bonn, Munich, and Berlin, graduating in 1851. He was admitted to the bar in 1859, and became a judge in his native town, where he was appointed privat-docent in Prussian law in 1861. Two years later he was elected assistant professor, in 1868 professor, in which year he resigned his position as judge. He has embraced the Christian faith.

Gueterbock has written various essays for journals, professional and general, and is the author of: "Die Englischen Aktiengesellschaftgesetze von 1856 und 1857," Berlin, 1858; "Ueber Einige in der Praxis Hervorgetretene Mängel des Preussischen Konkursverfahrens," ib. 1860; "Henricus de Bracton und Sein Verhältniss zum Römischen Recht," ib. 1862 (English transl. by Coxe, Philadelphia, 1866); "De Jure Maritimo quod in Prussia Sæculo XVI et Ortum Est et in Usu Fuit," Königsberg, 1866; "Die Entstchungsgeschichte der Carolina," Würzburg, 1876.

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