GUMPERZ, AARON SOLOMON (also called Emrich or Emmerich):

German scholar and physician; born Dec. 10, 1723; died 1769. In March, 1751, Gumperz graduated as M.D. from the University of Frankfort-on-the-Oder, his dissertation being "Ueber die Temperamente." He was the first Prussian Jew who obtained a doctor's degree. Gumperz was especially known for having been Mendelssohn's teacher of philosophy and for having inspired him with a love for literature. He wrote a calendar for the year 5509 (1748-49), and "Megalleh Sod," a supercommentary on Ibn Ezra to the Five Scrolls. Of the latter work that part dealing with Ecclesiastes was the only one published (Hamburg, 1765; Wilna, 1836). It is followed by an essay entitled "Ma'mar ha-Madda'," on religion and philosophy. Mendelssohn strongly recommended this work in his "Bi'ur Millot ha-Higgayon" (§ 14).

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G. M. Sel.
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