Russian Talmudist; lived at Brest-Litovsk in the second half of the seventeenth century and at the beginning of the eighteenth. His father officiated as rabbi of Brest from 1664 until 1685, and Joseph occupied for many years the position of communal leader. He was the author of "Leḳeṭ Yosef," a lexicon for preachers, giving in alphabetical order all the haggadot and the moral sentences found in rabbinical literature, published first in 1688 (Hamburg ?). He wrote also novellæ on the Pentateuch, "Ḥiddushe Torah," which were published together with those of Isaac Benjamin Wolf, author of "Naḥalat Binyamin," under the title "Leḳeṭ Yosef," Offenbach, 1716.

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