ABULAFIA or ABU AL 'AFIYAH ( , that is, "Father of Health"; written also ; from which the Italian name "Bolaffi" and the English "Bolaffey" are certainly derived. See Steinschneider, "Jew. Quart. Rev." xi. 488. The name appears as Abenefeia in the Barcelona list of 1383. "Rev. Ét. Juives," iv. 66):

Name of a widely scattered Jewish family of Spanish origin, one of whose branches, for the sake of clearer designation, bore the surname of Ha-Levi. Members of this family were found in various cities of the Orient and in Africa in the sixteenth century. From the data collected by Zunz, "Z. G." pp. 432-434, the following imperfect genealogical trees can be drawn up; for later descendants see Bolaffey:

The first Abulafia lived in the twelfth century in Toledo, and the first Jew to settle in Spain in modern times was an Abulafia from Tunis. It is probable that Moses and Solomon Afia (), mentioned in 1445 as prominent men in Saragossa, belonged to the same family.

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