Name of several Idumean kings, the meaning of which is "a loud noise." It was primitively the name of an Aramean divinity and formed a part of various Aramean theophorous names, as "Hadadrimmon" and "Hadadezer." The name was borne by: 1. The third Idumean king, who reigned before the time of the first king of Israel, and who gained an important victory over the Midianites (Gen. xxxvi. 35; I Chron. i. 46). 2. The last Idumean king (I Chron. i. 51). In Gen. xxxvi. 39 the name occurs as "Hadar." 3. A member of the royal house of Edom, who escaped the massacre under Joab and fled to Egypt (I Kings xi. 14 et seq.: see Edom.). 4. () One of the sons of Ishmael (Gen. xxv. 15 [A. V. "Hadar"]; I Chron. i. 30).

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