Yemenite king who embraced Judaism; born about 260; ascended the throne about 320; died about 330. Nothing is known of this king's history, as he is mentioned only by Abu al-Fida ("Historia Anteislamica," ed. Fleischer, p. 118), and by Aḥmad Dimishḳi in his "Sharḥ 'Utba al-Yamani." He was the great-grandson of Abu Karib, who is known as the first Yemenite king who embraced Judaism. According to the list of the Yemenite kings given by Abu al-Fida, Ḥarith was the thirty-seventh king from Ḳaḥṭan, the Arabic Yoktan, founder of the dynasty; but Caussin de Perceval makes him the forty-sixth. He is not to be confounded with Ḥarith ibn 'Amr, the Kindite prince (as is done by Grätz, "Gesch." 3d ed., v. 77, 368), who lived two centuries later.

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G. M. Sel.
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