HA-ẒEFIRAH (; in modern Hebrew, "The Morning"):

Hebrew newspaper; founded by Ḥayyim Selig Slonimski at Warsaw Jan. 25, 1862. In 1863 it was suspended on account of the Polish troubles. Slonimski revived it in 1874, the first two volumes appearing at Berlin, the third and subsequent volumes at Warsaw. Down to March 23, 1886, it was issued as a weekly; on April 23, 1886, Slonimski, with Sokolow as coeditor, began a daily edition. In addition to general news, "Ha-Ẓefirah" formerly contained many scientific articles on physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc., written principally by Slonimski and Solomon Jacob Abramowitsch. Among its contributors were Kalman Schulmann and other well-known Hebrew litterateurs. With the beginning of the daily edition it was devoted exclusively to general political and specifically Jewish news.

  • Entziklopedicheski Slovar, s.v. Slonimski.
G. M. Sel.
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