A city on the Bormida, in the province of Alessandria, Italy, famous for its hot springs and its ancient Roman ruins. According to its archives, Jews have lived there since 1400. In the first decades of the nineteenth century the Jews at Acqui aggregated about 700; in 1899 they numbered but 220 individuals, many having emigrated to the more important cities of Turin and Milan. The congregation of Acqui possesses many charitable institutions. In 1881 the old synagogue, together with the ghetto, was demolished; and a new one has been constructed in the Via Jona Ottolenghi, owing to the munificence of the man after whom the street is named. See Ottolenghi, Vita.

In 1899 the rabbi of the congregation was Adolfo Ancona, a pupil of Prof. Eude Lolli.

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