HELLER, ẒEBI HIRSCH (also called Herschele Ḥarif):

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Hungarian rabbi; died at Alt-Ofen Oct. 28, 1834. Heller was rabbi at Bonyhád. In 1834 he was called to Alt-Ofen as successor to Moses Münz, but had hardly begun his ministry when he died. Ẓebi Hirsch Chajes, rabbi of Zolkiev; S. J. Rapoport, chief rabbi of Prague; and Moses Taubers, rabbi of Sniatyn, were his pupils. He was the author of "Ḥiddushe Ṭib Giṭṭin," novellæ, published with the responsa of his son, Menahem Heller (Zolkiev, 1844; 2d ed., Przemysl, 1876); and "Tappuḥe Zahab" (Ungvár, 1865). There is also a responsum by him in Joshua Orenstein's "Yam ha-Talmud."

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