1. Son of Joel and grandson of the prophet Samuel; surnamed "the Singer"; a Kohathite (I Chron. vi. 19). He was one of the three chief Levites appointed by David to superintend the musical service in the Temple (ib. vi. 18-30, xv. 17, xxv. 1). He had fourteen sons, all of whom assisted in the choir under their father, and each of whom was the head of one of the twenty-four courses of the Levites established by David (ib. xxv. 4-31). Heman was also called "the king's seer in the matters of God" (ib. xxv. 5), the same term being applied to Asaph (II Chron. xxix. 30) and to Jeduthun (ib. xxxv. 15). 2. Son of Mahol; one of the men renowned for wisdom (I Kings v. 11 [A. V. iv. 31]). In I Chron. ii. 6 this Heman is mentioned as the son of Zerah, son of Judah. As to the Heman to whom the Eighty-eighth Psalm is ascribed, it is difficult to determine whether he is to be identified with No. 1 orwith No. 2 of this article. The fact that other psalms are ascribed to Asaph and Jeduthun, Heman's two companions, might indicate identification with Heman the Singer. The first part of the title, "A Psalm for the sons of Korah," would confirm this supposition. But he is called there "Heman the Ezrahite," and the following psalm is superscribed "Ethan the Ezrahite"; so that it seems that these two were the sons of Zerah ("Ezrahite" = "Zarhite"), renowned for their wisdom. In this case the title of Ps. lxxxviii. would be composed of two contradictory parts.

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