French jurist; born at Colmar, Alsace, May 1, 1809; died in Paris June 22, 1880. After taking the degree of bachelor of letters at Strasburg (1829), he entered the rabbinical school at Metz. In 1830 he went to Paris to study law, and was admitted to the bar in 1833. In 1838 he was employed at the assizes and the court martial. In 1838-40 he was secretary of the Society of Attorneys, among the members of which were Grévy, Arago, Barbier, and Leblond; in 1845 he became a member of the Central Jewish Consistory; in 1848, acting prosecutor of the republic; in April-June of the same year he was special government commissioner for Alsace, adjusting differences among the Jews; and from 1870 to 1879 he was a justice of the peace in Paris.

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