There is no mention of the hen in the Old Testament, though "barburim abusim" (I Kings v. 3) is taken in B. M. 86b for "fattened hens." Many of the Talmudic references to the hen ("tarnegolet"; "gabrit"; "paḥya") are quoted under Cock in Jew. Encyc. iv. 138 et seq. The Talmud mentions that the hen perches for sleep on elevated places (Shab. 35b). As such places are often over chimneys, the lower eyelid of the hen overlaps the upper one in sleeping, in order to protect its eyes against the smoke (ib. 77b). The egg of the hen takes ten days to mature (Ber. 8a). A cock and a hen, on account of the fecundity of the latter, were carried before the bridal couple on the wedding-day (Giṭ. 57a). The skins of grapes on account of their fattening properties were a favorite food for hens (B. M. 86b). The employment of hens in thrashing is mentioned in B. M. 91b.

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