Austrian general; born Aug. 11, 1810, at Ober-Döbling; died Jan. 29, 1882, in Vienna. He was the son of the banker Joseph von Henikstein. After being baptized he joined (1828) a regiment of engineers, becoming major in 1848. The following year he became colonel; and in 1854 was appointed major-general. He fought in the Austro-Italian war of 1859, won the rank of "Feldmarschallieutenant," and was created baron. In 1863 he was placed in command of the fifth army-corps in Verona, and in the following year was appointed chief of the general staff. In the Austro-Prussian war he was Benedek's chief of staff. After the defeat of the Austrian arms and the costly blunders made by commanding officers, the public demanded an investigation, and Benedek and Henikstein were suspended and ordered to appear before a court martial. After some time the court was dismissed without having given judgment. Leaving the army, Henikstein passed the rest of his life in retirement in Vienna.

  • Meyers Konversations-Lexikon.
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