ADAIAH ("The Lord has Adorned"):

1. A man of Boscath, father of Jedidah, the mother of King Josiah (II Kings, xxii. 1). 2. Two members of the Bani family who had taken foreign wives (Ezra, x. 29, 39). 3. The son of Joiarib of the tribe of Judah, residing in Jerusalem (Neh. xi. 5). 4. A Levite of the family of Gershon (I Chron. vi. 26). In the chronological list in I Chron. xi. 6 he is called Iddo. 5. Son of Jeroham, a priest holding office in Jerusalem (I Chron. ix. 12; Neh. xi. 12). 6. Son of Shimei, mentioned in the genealogical list of Benjamin (I Chron. viii. 21). 7. Father of Maaseiah, who helped Jehoiada in the religious reformation, in dethroning Athaliah, and in crowning Joash (II Chron. xxiii. 1, where the Hebrew has "Adaiahu").

G. B. L.
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