German physician; born at Berlin June 16, 1820. After taking the degree of M.D. there (1843), he began to practise as a specialist in diseases of children. Until 1850 he was assistant at the children's dispensary of the university. In that year he became privat-docent; in 1858, assistant professor. In 1872 Henoch became director of the hospital and dispensary of the department of pediatrics at the Charité. In 1893 he resigned that position, received the title of "Medicinalrath," and lived in retirement at Meran until 1898, when he removed to Dresden. Among his works may be mentioned: "Klinik der Unterleibskrankheiten," 3 vols., Berlin, 1852-58, 3d ed. 1863; "Beiträge zur Kinderheilkunde," two parts, ib. 1861-68; "Vorlesungen über Kinderkrankheiten," ib. 1881, 10th ed. 1899.

Henoch translated from the English of Budd "Die Krankheiten der Leber," Berlin, 1846, and edited Canstatt's "Handbuch der Medizinischen Klinik," Erlangen, 1854-56, and West's "Pathologie und Therapie der Kinderkrankheiten," 4th ed., Berlin, 1865.

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