German-American journalist; born at Schmiegel, Posen, Nov. 24, 1846; educated at the gymnasium at Lissa, the rabbinical seminary at Breslau, and the universities of Breslau and Berlin.

He became a socialist in 1868, and two years later was associated with Liebknecht and Bebel in editing a socialistic paper at Leipsic. Soon afterward he was accused with them of high treason, but was acquitted in 1872. Being expelled from Leipsic in the following year, he removed to Breslau, and became a publisher, but failed in business.

In 1882 Hepner emigrated to the United States, and in 1886 settled in St. Louis, Mo., where he is now (1903) living. Up to 1897 he edited the daily labor paper "St. Louis Tageblatt," and since that year he has been the editor of the "Westliche Post."

Besides many essays for the papers of his political party, Hepner has written "Good Night, Schatz," a one-act play (1894).

A. F. T. H.
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