Dutch rabbi; born at Glockau Nov. 19, 1781; died at Zwolle Jan. 30, 1864. He was the son of the rabbi of Königsberg, and went as a young man to Amsterdam, where he was educated by Rabbi Löwenstamm, whose daughter he married in 1797. Hertzveld was appointed rabbi of Nijkerk, whence he was called in 1808 to Zwolle. He was the first Jew who preached in the Dutch language.

Hertzveld intended to organize the Jewish congregations of Holland and to reform the service in the synagogue. For this purpose he invited his colleagues to a synod; but they suspected him of Reform ideas similar to those which flourished in Germany, and declined the invitation. To defend himself against many attacks from the opposing rabbis he wrote, March 17, 1842, a pastoral message.

Hertzveld was decorated by King William II. with the Netherlands Lion, being the first Dutch rabbi upon whom this honor was conferred.

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  • De Vriend des Vaderlands, 1839.
S. E. Sl.
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