German chemist; born at Mülheim, near Cologne, June 17, 1859; educated at the gymnasium and technical high school of Charlottenburg, and the University of Berlin (Ph.D. 1886). In 1885 he became director of the dyeing department of the royal weaving and dyeing school at Mülheim, of which he became chief in 1892. The following year he entered the publishing-house known as "Fischer's Technologischer Verlag," Berlin, and founded the "Electrochemische Zeitung." In 1895 he removed to Cologne in connection with a firm of chemical manufacturers of which he had become a member. Since 1900 he has lived in Fürth, Bavaria, occupied in scientific research.

Herzfeld is an authority on weaving, dyeing, andprinting, and has written several books on this subject. Among these may be mentioned: "Mikroskopische Untersuchung der Textilstoffe," Berlin, 1885; "Bleichmittel, Beizen und Farbstoffe," Berlin, 1889, 2d ed, 1900; "Bleicherei der Garne und Gewebe," Berlin, 1891, 2d ed. 1903; "Praktisches Handbuch des Zeugdrucks" (with Dr. Lauber), Leipsic, 1892; "Praxis der Färberei," Berlin, 1893; "Die Dampfwäscherei," ib. 1894; "Moderne Baumwollstückbleicherei," Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1895; "Technische Prüfung der Garne u. Gewebe," Vienna, 1896 (English transl., London, 1900); "Chemie der Seltenen Erden," Berlin, 1900 (English transl., London, 1902).

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