Austrian writer; born at Misslitz, Moravia, June 17, 1842. He was educated at Brönn, Vienna, and Graz. When only seventeen years of age he wrote for Kuranda's "Ostdeutsche Post." For nearly two years he was secretary of the Jewish community of Vienna. Since 1870 he has edited the Vienna "Montags-Revue," founded by him in conjunction with Michael Klapp.

Herzog is the author of the following plays: "Fischer von Helgoland," produced at the German theater in Prague, 1888; "Die Rose," at the Burgtheater, Vienna, 1891, and at Prague, Hamburg, Olmütz, etc.; "Kaufmann aus Tyrol," 1893, at Salzburg, 1894; "Prinz von Asturien," 1893, at Prague and Hamburg.

S. F. T. H.
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